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"9 out of 10 stars"

"How dare they stop at three songs!"

Lake Effect Indie vol. 2 review: Madness to Creation gave Scotch's latest album 9 out of 10 stars. See the review here:



"Violin and guitar share the floor, intertwining solos flawlessly"


"powerful vocal performances and impressive stringed solos"


"Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the band creates a groovy indie mix of pop, blues, and jazz that’s easy to enjoy for fans of a variety of genres. Smooth melodies and steady basslines match groovy guitar solos in their music, allowing the vocals to float effortlessly and the harmonies to twinkle."

Review on by Alexa Okane

Scotch the Filmmaker

Best New Band

Thanks for votingScotch the Filmmaker  "Best New Band" in the 2017 reader poll for the Chicago Reader magazine.

We had fun with our plaque.